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The unintentional nudist

Tami Smithers is a modest, All American, college freshman girl. She's a math major pulling all A's. She has a gymnastic scholarship, and a knockout figure to prove it.

The Unintentional Nudist

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November 10, 5 min read. It's not my fault; I don't mean to be flashing the goods. If anything, I'm a prude.

Years: I am 18
Ethnicity: Ecuadorian
Tone of my eyes: I’ve got big hazel green eyes but I use colored contact lenses
Hair: Honey-blond
What I like to drink: Ale
Smoker: Yes

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No lights lit the lawn between the buildings except for a few following the sidewalk. Turning from the cage door she looked on the other side of the storage cage to see a kiln and several pottery wheels. The four naked young women advanced at full tilt toward the gym.

Tami felt exhilaration as she huddled in the bushes with the other three naked girls. She good the door up about two feet before she dropped and rolled under the door. Hidden by some bushes Tami and the girls removed their tops and shorts.

Their needles seemed to constantly poke some part of her bare skin and made her feel even more naked with every passing moment. She was a pretty girl of five feet six with shoulder-length dark red hair. She had been on the gymnastics team in high school until her junior year.

The inside of the art building was one large room separated by a long storage cage running down its center.

The four naked women raced to the window and then trotted passed it. She calmed a bit as several nervous minutes passed with no one in sight. There were no bushes and they realized how visible they were should anybody look their way. She took a deep breath and turned to see where she was. She suggested it would be best if the girls waited a few minutes to give her time to place their clothes. She pulled the door to the cage only to find it locked.

Soon the other three had each found a top and shorts for themselves, but Tami was still minus clothing. She realized that since she had left the bushes at the gym building that the girls would not be able to provide her with any clothes. She pulled upward and the door groaned loudly. Tami was feeling almost comfortable for the first time since she had been handed her clothes to Wanda before streaking the student union.

As each of the other girls found something they immediately put it on. Samantha whispered back. She rattled the cage door in frustration. The unintentional nudist breathed a sigh of relief, as she felt covered. There was nobody in sight as she pulled the door down. She straightened and looked around.

Tami was away for home and family for the first time in her life. One of the senior girls, Wanda, had dared Tami and a few of the other freshman girls to streak passed the student union at PM. Tami felt naughty and giggled as she accepted the dare. Although there were no bushes along the east wall, there were also no buildings to the east except the art building.

The four girls stood as one and stepped through the scratchy evergreen needles. Suddenly the short tattered smock felt very inadequate.

As they stood briefly in their bras and panties the cool evening air chilled their exposed skin. Strenuous aerobics had trimmed her down and firmed her up during her senior year. Tami did not like the idea, but accepted it, as she had no better one. Wanda held their clothes in her arms and reminded the girls that their clothes would be in the bushes on the north side of the gym in ten minutes. No cloth or knives were in sight.

Although sweat covered their bodies they shivered from the thought of the males passing not ten feet away. Still naked but inside she took a moment to take a few deep breaths and to calm her.

She watched alone as the other three ran toward their dorm. The smock was stuff with paint as she shook it out. They stood for a second together and them tore out for the east side of the student union. In college she enjoyed the of male he that she turned as she moved about the campus. As Tami stood with the other three freshman girls Wanda stood with them in the bushes next to the closed cafeteria. She ran down one wall to the back of the building. She ran her hands down the side and realized that the smock only went down to her upper thighs.

Several frustrating minutes passed before she spotted the shop knives in the storage cage. They made it to the north wall and ducked around the corner. As they passed out of sight they heard hoots and howlers, but no one came tearing out to follow them. Wanda cleared her throat and gave the three near naked girls a stern stare. She was a little more reluctant to drop her panties and did so only after the other three girls were naked. The area around each wheel was slick with moist clay.

Tami pulled on the doors but they were locked. Tami was still naked and continued to search. She had been slow to adjust to her changing body and had sprained her ankle while doing a dismount from the uneven bars. She would have to move.

No one was in sight as Tami burst from the bushes and ran to the art building. The half-moon peaked from behind the clouds and cast a pale blue light over the landscape that would reveal their bodies without making their faces too identifiable.

It all started as a college prank. Reaching south side of the gym they heard the front doors of the gym crash open and several upperclassmen emerged. The heavy drop cloths were all large pieces, much more than she need to wrap around herself. The unintentional nudist of us found any underwear.

She started to look for a knife of some sort to cut a cloth into a more manageable size. As they approached the gym they heard the sound of a basketball game and male voices. Fortunately for the girls, the boys turned away and their voices faded in seconds as they walked away. The wall was only about two feet tall and the girls hid flat on their stomachs.

Tami was half way back to her dorm when a campus police car rounded a corner and turned toward her. The front of the one story building was brick with two glass doors. Finally, her search led her to a filing cabinet behind which she saw a small pile of cloth. She was less self-conscious and set off for her dorm at a brisk The unintentional nudist. Tami kept a nervous watch from her spot in the bushes.

Tami felt more and more nervous as she hid in the bushes. The art building was constructed with walls of corrugated metal. Some of the boys must have been playing a scratch game. She found herself smiling as she went to the garage door through which she had entered. She pulled it on her body and it felt like that best clothing in the world. The boys loudly discussed the game and failed notice the nude females duck behind the short wall that ran along the front walkway.

See a problem?

The girls scurried along the west wall of the gym. Her search became more frantic as she realized she had no one to turn to but herself. She ducked into the closest building without thinking and stepped away from the door.

With her arms and legs pumping she was a beautiful sight. First, Samantha found a pair of shorts then Tami heard others squeal in relief as other clothes were found.

She grabbed the handle on the nearest door and was relieved as the handle turned. That wall of the union had a series of picture windows through which their naked bodies would be very visible. She lifted the door about three feet and bend forward to duck under the door. Car lights passed over them and they squatted down even further behind the bushes.

Tami was the first to release the clasp on her bra and hand it over. She ran her hand around to her butt and found that her bottom was barely covered. She had survived the injury, but put on a few pounds in all the wrong places. No one was around as she started to examine the drop cloths. The four girls dove into the bushes and started searching for their clothes.

They peaked from between two the evergreens and hoped that Wanda had had enough time. Backing through the bushes she moved to the east wall of the gym. The back wall had two large garage doors.