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Thieves guild motto

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Thieves Guild Motto

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Nominations and Self-nominations are to be submitted to the Thieves boards 2.

Thieves' guild

By its very nature, the Guild of Thieves is one of a group of independent, free-thinking individuals. His term of service as GM ended only upon his ascension to the Hero of the Night. It was during this age that the Creator, Deori, regularly walked the realm, as energy and excitement coursed through the lands as the first legends arose. As for Lonewolf2, he was a natural mentor and acted as a role model to a new wave of Thieves whose names now echo through the ages, such as Protean, Southbound and Devatar.

Kestanan's original leadership and vision set the course for the Guild so that for almost half a millenia the Thieves Guild has dominated the criminal undertakings across Norland.

The loss of Gothic and the rise of the Assassins was of course a huge event and whatever leader the guild chose to replace him had their work cut out to fill the void. During Lonewolf2's final term, Valan was relied heavily upon in running the guild; but it should be understood — he was already a legendary figure in his own right.

Thieves learn the arts of picking pockets and laying traps. Given his contributions to the Thieves and the legendary mark he left on the realm of Terris as a whole, Gothic remains one of our most famous former members — immortalised upon the Assassins highest guildtitle as 'Gothic's Chosen'. Those found selling on the amour or gifting it to outsiders were subject to punishment — the most harsh of which was removal from the Guild.

Unfortunately during the latter half of his term as GM, other duties demanded his attention and much of the day to day administration fell to one of his GL's; the now legendary thief Valan, supported in turn by the other two GL's; Jynx and Ferret.

Thieves guild

The God of War, Zir, had granted the gift of forging to mortals and a set of mithril armour was the prized possession of many a Knight or Warrior. At the end of the 2 weeks, no more nominations will be accepted. The highest level one could aim for was level 35, at which point one was deemed a 'Legend'.

The realm itself was at its largest in terms of population and the Immortals walked the realm alongside mortals. Given the start of the golden age that Lonewolf2 oversaw and the good reputation he left behind, he is honoured with his name recorded as one of the shopkeepers of our Guild. The Fourth Guildmaster: Valan.

Does the thieves guild have a motto?

Indeed, the transition of power from Gothic to Lonewolf2 continued quite smoothly; testament to his lead of the Guild. Be warned though, Thief — do not reveal these details scribed here outside of our Order. The highest weaponry available to a Thief was at Guild Level 19; and the highest skill shop at Guild Level Compared to these days, where armour, weapons, resurrections and gold are freely available — those reaching the heights of 'Legend' had truly earned such an honour. Nominations will be open for 2 weeks OOC time. Approaching the doors of destiny, Kestanan attempted to pick the Thieves guild motto to the mystical doors Despite Jupiter's attempt to stop him, with a final 'click' the doors of destiny opened and both Knight and Thief tumbled through the portal Kestanan's rein as GM ended upon his ascension at which point Gothic succeeded him as Guildmaster.

Be a Thief in good standing 5. While other guilds had suffered after the loss of a legendary figure, Lonewolf2 proved himself a steady hand at leadership. Must be registered 5. At the time the dark mage Oltravar had established himself as ruler of the city of Tranos and seemed content to let the more 'fringe' elements of society rule the criminal underworld.

Any GM that abuses their powers against policy TOS will be removed immediately with an investigation afterwards. The Assassins were more focused on the darker arts of thievery; and at the time, many flooded towards the newer Guilds of Frostfall given their potential.

That said, in line with the other elder guilds, the Thieves elected a Guildmaster to help set the direction for the order, with the appointment of Kestanan as its first GM; and Gothic as his lieutenant. Voting: 1. Within Tranos, those of a more independent, acquisitive and harsher nature naturally gravitated together. None embodies this pursuit of fame more than Kestanan himself whose deeds are enshrined within the lore of the land. With Kestanan now acting as the Thieves Patron, the future looked golden. Having aided Kestanan in building the foundations of the Thieves Guild, Gothic was well prepared for leadership and the Guild of Thieves truly thrived.

Thief slogan

All Thieves may take this time to ask questions of the nominees on the boards in a civil and respective manner. An official announcement will be posted on the message boards notifying members when a two week voting period begins.

Alas, in a guild that promotes ambition and pursuit of glory and wealth, history now records him as a divisive figure. A thief's motto is "gamble and lose, that way I'll have to steal more! Any Thief in good standing may nominate themselves, as well as nominate another they feel is worthy of the position. Current: Silk the Immortal of Shadows. Indeed, as Valan ascended, a short time later another of his GL's also ascended to the heavens. Patrons can offer advice at the request of any member but are not involved in the running of the guild. Gothic was already a well respected leader, to the point of even being feared by some.

Those breaking trust with the guild risk being found washed up in Tranos Harbour with a knife in the back as a warning to others The First Guildmaster: Kestanan. Supported by a talented team of GL's, truly anything seemed possible at this time and a vibrancy and sense of camaraderie was felt within the guild under Valan's leadership. While modern forging techniques have rendered black mithril less desirable than Thieves guild motto once was, it is still awarded to Thieves to this day in recognition of notable deeds; and the punishment for granting it to outsiders still stands.

Thief slogan

However, black mithril remained the sole provision of the shadow-walking Guilds. You must be a subscribed member of the Thieves' Guild 2. Due to his popularity and the legacy he left behind, it is no accident that he is sited at the prime position above Tranos Square.

The procedure for that is as follows: Nominations: 1. Despite the guild shop offering weapons and armour, most Thieves actually aspired to own instead, a piece of black mithril armour. Must be a subscribed member of the Thieves' Guild to vote 2.

The Third Guildmaster: Lonewolf2. The history of the Thieves Thieves guild motto can be traced back to the Age of Creation, where our organisation has its shadowy origins. The reputations of many famed Thieves were made during this era. GLs: Valan ; Jynx ; Ferret. If a GL is removed by the GM, then the selection process outlined in this charter willif another GL is needed to fill the vacated position.

It was in this environment that the Guild of Thieves was formed — the eldest of the three shadow walking guilds. Thieves guild motto will run for 2 weeks OOC time 3. Those who did not chain themselves with such outmoded concepts as honour, loyalty and truth found a degree of fellowship in mixing with those of similar values. Guild Probation: At the discretion of the GM, a guild member found to be in bad standing or in need of disciplinary action is subject to Guild Probation for a period of 2 weeks OOC timeor longer at the discretion of the GM; but no longer than 60 days OOC.

Guild Member Removal: If Guild Probation does not recitify an issue with a guild member, said Thief is subject to being removed from the Guild at the discretion of the GM. They are free to come and go. Pursuit of fame, riches and adventure was the order of the day. While Valan's accomplishments should be spoken of with pride, it should not give the impression of a guild dominated by one legendary figure.

Be subscribed throughout the entire term. Some elder thieves talk of betrayal, while others give a wry smile and ask 'wouldn't you have taken the same opportunity? Must be able to complete a full term in office 6. If the GM leaves, then an emergency election will be started.

Thieves guild (skyrim)

Master thieves can call upon jackals as loyal mounts. Guilds are not required to "honour" patrons but neither can they remove them as they are free agents. And the GM can either "appoint" one or choose to have an election for those Thieves who wish to run and put forth their nominations. There is no formal voting process with respect to GL removal. When commoners outside our Order thought of the Thieves, the name of Valan was spoken of — like Sylvanna of the Rangers, or Forgrim of the Warriors. While the first legends of the realm began to emerge during this time, it should Thieves guild motto noted too here, that conditions were much tougher during this 'golden age'.

Located in the western side of Tranosthe Thieves Guild is totally dedicated to removing wealth from anywhere and spending it as fast as possible. Nominations: 1. Assistance may be rendered to Guild Leaders at their request and Patron's agreement. Nevertheless, it is considered important to learn something of our past, to hear the names and deeds of those who came before and whose shoulders we now stand upon. Much of our history is lost, as given the nature of this Guild, detailed records have not been kept of certain deeds, lest they end up in the hands of the authorities.

Further, If guild members have concerns about the performance of a GL then they may voice said issues with the GM. The GM is encouraged to discuss the performance of the GL with the guild members before removing one from office. Black mithril was awarded to members of the guild upon completion of notable quests; rather than purchased from the guild shop. Valan's impact on the guild can still be seen to this day for it was he who constructed the Desert Outpost and even created the Dark Elven Buckler a prized possession for any Master Thief.

What might be considered a poisoned chalice of a role fell in the end to Lonewolf2, who the membership of the Thieves elected as the third Guildmaster. Guildmaster: Mormegil Guild Officers: Zentahlest. The Second Guildmaster: Gothic. All Thieves will have this opportunity, on the Boards, to ask questions Thieves guild motto the candidates in a respective and civil manner.