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Transgender ear piercing

Ear piercing is a popular method of self-expression. With popularity, though, comes increased risk for undesiredinjuries, infections and much more.

Transgender Ear Piercing

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Searching for Transgender Fiction Ear Piercing?

Years old: 24
What is my ethnicity: German
Orientation: Man
What I like to drink: Tequila
Music: My favourite music heavy metal
Tattoo: None

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I love earrings. Piercing my ears was the last thing I did before going full time. Posted June 15, MarcieMarie12 Posted June 15, Forum Moderator. I just can't describe the feeling how much it means to me Do be sure to follow the aftercare instructions carefully and you will be having some new fun in life. I've had 5 holes in my ears for about 25 years now.

I was happy when I got mine done too but the first night of sleep was rough due to the swelling.

today! Do as good a job as you can at keeping things clean.

Your support matters.

The gun used in a mal isn't able to be properly sterilized and they hurt far worse than the other method. I had mine done just before i went full time. You'll wonder how you ever wore clips once you get past the healing part and can start wearing the all the lovely fun stuff. I love earrings, they're usually the only jewelry I wear. Moist environments breed bacteria and can cause severe infection.

If you ever get anything pierced again, use the professional piercers. My mom gave me some of hers many moons ago and I just don't know how anyone ever wore them. I typically wear the same ones every day but do change them if I'm going out. I love colorful ones but the heavier ones get tiring soon. And please don't try to shortcut them - it's not worth it.

Just make sure you follow directions so they heal well, stay open and don't get infected. I had a forth pair but I had problems and had to let those heal shut. I only did it because I saw another guy in the company with diamond studs in both ears and I was like, if he can do it, so can I!

The VP of Operations at my former employer had emerald studs and he was older than I, retired military, married, etc, etc. Within an hour the pinching crushing aching pain was just too much to bear. Once they heal, it will be fun picking out earrings. By Rosie. It was thrilling for me so i know how great it feels. This is so Transgender ear piercing Shawnna! Like everyone else said it is extremely important to keep them clean and yo clean the studs.

I was paranoid about getting an infection so I was really careful about cleanliness. I didn't realize it would feel so fulfilling. Got the other one done almost 25 years later and it is so awesome!

Pierced ears are just no big deal any longer. We offer a safe, inclusive community for transgender and gender non-conforming folks, as well as their loved ones, to find support and information. Ooooh, I remember when I had my ears pierced.

I got my ears pierced yesterday, yay! Guest Vicky Posted June 14, Posted June 14, Link to comment. Liberating indeed. I'm not even completely out yet, but I just wear plain steel ball studs while going as a man at work. I remember getting mine pierced a couple of years ago. It's easy!

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And DO follow those aftercare instructions. Jasmine Vajra Posted June 15, Read, remember and follow ALL of your aftercare instructions!

in here. I didn't do that and it hurt putting the piercing in after taking it out for 8 hours 5 days in. On the topic of earrings If you've ever tried to wear clip-ons, you'll wonder why they ever made 'em. There are so many to types and styles to pick from.

My inverness aftercare instructions say: 1. It won't be long before they are healed enough to be able to swap out different one as you dress in different fashions. I am just so happy to share because my ears were pierced today! I remember getting mine done last December it was such a rush.

Recommended Posts. Good advice above. My husband also enjoys buying them as cheap easy gifts. Almost no pain at all, healed quick! You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. I just don't understand why piercing your ears is a big deal anymore. I love wearing earrings and I wear a different set every day. I predict And then taunts me with buying all kinds of ear rings for me.

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I love the large heavier hoops, but it was nearly two months before I could wear them due to healing. I have three pairs. Also don't remove the piercing studs for the first few days and for the first six weeks keep them in constantly except for cleaning. I love to wear a menagerie in my ears, posts, hoops,dangles no want of variety.

You can't be too diligent about hand washing, turning them, and cleaning around them. I have three ear piercings from gun and one from needle.

Mum claims teacher pierced seven-year-old daughter's ears at school

I got one ear pierced when I was sixteen, had to beg my Dad for years before he relented. I also have had my navel pierced since 99 and my nose is the most recent at 3 years. I managed to get an infection and thought i'd have to give them up but after a time it settled down. I only started transition 5 years ago.

Charlize Posted June 15, Hugs, Charlize. Don't rush the healing period either. Briana Posted June 16, Posted June 16, Rylie M Posted July 26, Posted July 26, Just got mine done yesterday so happy. Always cleanse hands prior to touching your ears. Followers 0. Three times daily, TURN earrings completely around to prevent them from adhering to the ear.