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Tulsi gabbard pimple

She's clearly not concerned about it and is ready for the rest of her campaign. Tulsi Gabbard is at the center of perhaps the most puzzling moment of the Democratic debates, because a magic act happened on her chin

Tulsi Gabbard Pimple

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However, as Gabbard spoke many viewers focused on her chin and what appeared to be a tiny zit -- nothing that would require Dr. Pimple Popper or anything, but still Then it happened.

Nbc news™ adds a deep-fake pimple onto tulsi gabbard's chin during the live streaming of the first democratic™ debate. : conspiracy

But i need better answers. Nixon having the flu and JFK looking like.

She's putting together a decent message from what I've seen of that first debate. Her worship of nutjob Chris Butler and his cult of insanity is nothing to sneeze at either. Maybe it was nerves but she came close to misspeaking here and there. Her father, Mike Gabbard, is a well-known firebrand in Hawaiian politics— his most beloved issue is a virulent rejection of homosexuality and gay rights.

A mole. She's not as annoying as a lot of the other D candidates.

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Not anything that she can't iron out though. for instructions. Originally Posted by listopencil. BB code is On. Smilies are On. Forum Rules.

Chin pimple suddenly disappears during presidential debate

Sports Topics. And again, we're assuming that a mole would be viewed as negative on a woman's face when many times it's not. Remember, this is on a close-up camera, ON live television. I find her attractive, and I find myself agreeing with some of the things she is saying. Seriously, if you haven't seen it Within a matter of seconds the blemish simply vanished AS Tulsi was talking!!! The bill eventually stalled. Not your or TaQo's theory, or the mole being there in the first place. Not a young handsome guy vs an old sickly one.

Please whitelist us and support ChiefsPlanet. None of it makes sense. Odd indeed though. Advertise with us! I think she needs to work on her delivery a bit. Every little thing that they can make her look bad and disposition her negatively with voters. If the intent was to deceive then it makes no sense.

Especially considering a small face mole is largely inconsequential to a woman's beauty. Chiefs Links Chiefs. home

Her flip-flop on gay rights was quite impressive. Originally Posted by Detoxing. We're talking about a mole. Taco John thread is a Taco John thread.

Nbc accused of planting fake pimple to smear tulsi gabbard wat??

This is clearly not going to sway a vote, but it plays psychologically on the audience, and Tulsi herself, who is probably self-conscious already about her skin complexion. All times are GMT The time now is AM. This is a test for a client's site. It's quite possible that they're manipulating on purpose. NBC just knew she was going to become popular after her limited T. V time and decided to sabotage her very ineffectively with a chin mole for about 20 seconds in advance?

Msm mean girls: nbc accused of putting a fake pimple on rep. tulsi gabbard during dem debate

Football Topics. Originally Posted by Discuss Thrower. Look, we know this has zero impact on real Presidential issues Btw, we also combed through a bunch of photos of Gabbard from last night -- check the gallery -- and the Congresswoman ain't pimpin' Or whatever it is Find More Posts by Taco John.

I like her. You have an ad blocker enabled!

☕ pimplegate explained 🇺🇸 nbc digitally adds pimple to tulsi gabbard's face #tulsi #pimplegate

Some things simply don't add up. It's certainly odd. She really hated the rump rangers until she figured out that it wasn't politically advantageous. If they're going to add it, why remove it mid speech while her face is centered and zoomed in? Honestly, this thread got me looking at some video recaps of the first debate featuring Tulsi Gabbard.

Originally Posted by BigRichard. I agree that things just don't add up here. Why wouldn't they wait until she's no longer speaking? We're going off the idea that a mole is going to sway voters? Doesn't look like a pimple, looks like a mole. I haven't seen one of those performed so well since the Olympics. And lastly, Tulsi wasn't even on the radar for most voters prior to two nights ago.

Important stuff, no doubt. You can check other videos and confirm it's not just the video in the OP. Regardless, what purpose would that serve? ChiefsPlanet Search add text after BB. Go to NBC used live special effects to add fake pimples to Tulsi Gabbard during debate Tulsi Gabbard is at the center of perhaps Tulsi gabbard pimple most puzzling moment of the Democratic debates, because a magic act happened on her chin The Congresswoman from Hawaii was talking foreign policy during the debate -- specifically the possibility of America going to war with Iran.

Or why remove it at all? Depth Chart. Thirdly, to what means is a face mark suppose to influence voters? Training Camp. Last year they put a piece of hominy in a Candidates mouth during a debate.

The younger Gabbard protested against a bill advocating civil unions during her tenure in the Hawaii Congress, holding up s decrying the proposition. Originally Posted by Taco John.