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Description: This forum is for you to ask questions or to share your experiences positive or negative on the use of Enemas and Suppositories. Keywords: enema, enemas, enema tips, enema advice, enema directions, enema tip, enema recipe, enema information, suppository, suppositories, mixtures, tips and techniques, recipes, enema equipment enema, enemas, enema advice, enema directions, enema tip, enema recipe, enema information, mixtures, tips and techniques, recipes, enema equipment. Tags: comenemaclubenemastartgooglesectionmessageboardsuppositoryvoyforumshttpwwwvoywebaprilenemastemperaturerectalsuppositoriesnormallessorgarchivetuesdaybackmondaythisforumfridaywhocallstipsdoctorshousemadeaskwednesdaysaturdayusequestions .

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It seems like the majority of the members that are interested in enemas are men. I know that my wife is not very interested in them other than to please me. Could it be that men are more interested in enemas because of the prostate stimulation they provide or are men just more likely to talk about it on forums? There are plenty of women here who are interested in enemas. This isn't the first post like this, there is another thread on here somewhere that says the almost exact same thing.

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Sis and I were supposed to use a suppository or ask for help Voy forums enema we went without any action for two days in a row, and that was okay by us because we were both pretty athletic and definitely didn't like feeling plugged up. I guess I have to agree that if we were going to have those suppositories at all the motel room was the place for it. We did have a bar of soap and everyone had a knife, so in short order she had a soap-stick suppository.

Neighbor-mom was gentle and almost as good as my mom, and after going through the soap-stick with her I wasn't very embarrassed about getting a plain old enema from her - especially with a real toilet and actual TP at hand. The boy's father was a truck driver, usually out on the road, and his mom got custody. I'm impressed at how professionally this has been put together and maintained. Well, we used to take these long car trips, including an annual week or two in Florida, and when we did this traveling all of us always got really plugged up.

Hello to me - and several reminiscences

Nothing too personal, probably; if you've even run into my posts at the other site you know I tend to be rather dry and academic, but I never have been clear about what was and wasn't allowed in their postings, and I never got into weekly polls on what color the syringes were. My story true story!

So mom tried giving the whole family Dulcolax suppositories instead of enemas for a while, and we didn't like it a bit. Granted, it might feel very different now, but it really wasn't that promising. But neither of us much liked the suppositories, and we rarely used them. Some of our friends thought we were Voy forums enema to accept enemas as well as sis and I did, and we thought they were nutty to prefer more to have tummy aches than enemas - though we eventually found out that some of the same kids really secretly liked getting enemas when they were made to receive them.

I suppose it could have been worse - what I wiped my rear with could have turned out to have been poison ivy but it wasn't! How exciting! We didn't quite understand this because sis and I accepted as fully reasonable the house rule that we should have a BM at least every other day or get some help, and we accepted enemas as a normal part of hygiene.

That was pretty odd, because some people didn't mind them and some people didn't much like them, but either way they were common enough back then and most everyone we knew seemed to get one or the other once in a while, kids and adults. Bobby was nice enough and we all got along fine except for one thing: every few days he plugged up the toilet in the bathroom we shared, between our bedrooms.

Our doctor ordered them first for my sister when she had some problem for a couple of weeks, and then he suggested to mom that they were the new, modern replacement for enemas. I hoped that the exercise of hiking so much would help keep things moving inside. I knew that I always got plugged up on trips but I didn't think of that until we got to the forest. And that year, instead of little hotel shampoos and pillow mints, their special amenities consisted of Welcome-Wagon-style boxes of sample sizes of all kinds of health and beauty Voy forums enema of standard retail brands.

But I am slowly working my way up to postings from my adulthood. One quick question Have you ever tried another soap stick as an adult?

Voy forums enema, it didn't. From as long as I can remember - and some of my childhood is kind of hazy - we had a jar of glycerin suppositories in the bathroom my sister and I shared, and we were allowed to take one whenever we felt we needed to. The family I was with had nothing to help, so we kept our eyes open for anything that might give an enema - but we didn't even have a decent squeeze bottle with us, and we were in the middle of the woods.

Neighbor-mom got an enema bag from a drugstore on the way and gave me a proper enema at the motel while the rest of their family took a walk. Bobby seemed petrified of enemas and even of suppositories. No, Nicely, never any soap sticks since then, thank you. It wasn't exactly public but wasn't very private either. I was quite athletic and not a wimp, but by the fourth day I was really miserable. We actually both preferred mom's enemas because when she wasn't rushed she was very gentle, and they came with some nice intimacy and feelings of being cared for, and even a bit of relaxing massage.

Rock riffs for beginners

We were both serious students, pretty well behaved, good athletes, and a bit precocious but not much into boy-girl stuff yet. And this is the last childhood recollection about bottoms that comes to mind now. We never seemed to use the little disposable enemas at home, which was fine because the one time I could remember having one it made me nauseous and crampy. There wasn't much room for privacy, but mom just slipped one in without even needing to remove our PJs while we watched TV, and when it worked and worked and worked the bathroom was just a few steps from the bed.

And they really didn't hurt or feel terrible, but they sure made us go a lot! Actually, I did kind of like the Voy forums enema tingle in my bottom, but when they finally made us go they made us go and go and go and go. They kept the soap stick in case I needed it again.

At least Bobby did unplug the toilet himself once we brought the plunger to our bathroom. He was really constipated, most all the time, and he would not let us tell our parents.

We ended up taking Bobby in with us so he could finish the school year in his same school, and that also let his mom work two jobs during that period so she could try to save enough money to move back here by summer. The parents of one of sis' friends, a boy between our ages, had just split up.

So, close enough. I've never heard her bring it up since it happened, so I might as well post it; I never did over at the voy forums, even though in retrospect this experience taught me quite a lot. We never suggested that Bobby try the Dulcolax suppositories himself because sis and I both understood that those had to get really rubbed in way up for a minute or two for them to work right, since that was what mom always said and did to us.

Of course, mom took that as an absolute from on high that she shouldn't have to give enemas on her vacation and that we should be getting Dulcolax suppositories instead. It is not so long. I'll start with a bit about my childhood and then perhaps add on now and then. I must have been about ten or eleven years old the summer that I ed a neighbor family to go on a real camping and hiking trip in a large forest a state or two distant. I had never had one, but she said that's what she got when she was very young, that and enemas. After many pleas, mom agreed to quit using Dulcolax and went back to our enemas Except for one thing, which was that she wanted to use the Dulcolax Voy forums enema instead of enemas on our vacations.

Now, for more of hello-to-me, I have a story of the most interesting supositories from my youth. Okay, now I have time for one more recollection - my worst childhood suppository ever. I don't recall ever being forced or ordered to get anything in my butt, but I think there were at least a couple of times that mom suggested that I needed something when she thought my disposition indicated something was amiss, and I think I always took the hint and let her give me an enema.

So the neighbor-mom finally decided to make a soap-stick suppository. It seems to have most all the features I've hoped to see in a website for interest in Voy forums enema. She seemed to know what she was doing and wasn't being rough, but the soap stick burned - not the interesting tingle of Dulcolax, but really burned! I thought I felt something starting as soon as she put the thing up me, but she kept working it until I actually had to jump up and poop.

Sis and I were afraid Bobby would die from bowel cancer any day or something, so we managed to get him to try the glycerin suppositories that were always in our bathroom. Nothing like our enemas that nearly always came out in one satisfying big gush, leaving us feeling really light and clean and refreshed.

I can't remember ever being forced or embarrassed about childhood enemas. But they had financial problems and she soon lost her house and moved back to her parents' place several hours away.

We drove the whole way in one day and were supposed to spend a full week roughing it, hiking and staying in tents. And then she stayed with me to see how it worked, and finally gave me another round of it.

It was much bigger than a real suppository, more like my finger, and she said she had to wet it and work it in and out of my rear. I do not remember if we went to the Dunes or to the Sahara that year; those were the two resort motels we usually stayed at in Miami Beach. We were as constipated on that vacation as we usually were when on travel, so it wasn't long before the suppositories were up my butt first, then dad's, and mom bought a bigger box of them to last us all the rest of our vacation!

Sis was about 13 and I was about 12, or maybe we were just slightly older. I think that was the first enema I got from anyone besides my mom and the housekeeper we had when I was a lot younger.

We went a few rows of trees away from the rest of the family and she had me bend over a fallen tree and she started working it in and out, wetting it each time. They helped a bit sometimes but not usually. Though we always got either enemas or suppositories rather than laxatives when we needed something, I don't think we had any unusual of these during childhood.

Actually, though, this isn't my story at all, but my sister's.

Sis and I scrambled to tear open the boxes in our two rooms How cute! So mom really thought that the Dulcolax method would save her a lot of time and work on her vacation - but we finally managed to talk her out of that plan and she packed her bright red, rubber enema syringe bag instead of the suppositories. I have one more memory from childhood to post first, though - as soon as I get a little more time.

The doctor had told her to always rub them in way up our butts for about two minutes and that way, whether we cooperated or tried to push them out too soon or tried to hold back too long, no matter what we would get an irresistable urge in about half an hour, and we would be emptying ourselves for the next hour after that. I don't think I got it again, but neighbor-mom knew I was due for something at the end of the trip so we stopped at a motel instead of driving back in one long day. Sometimes our enemas were a little uncomfortable but usually they were rather nice, and we always felt light and refreshed afterwards.

I moved in with sis in her larger room, and Bobby got my room for three or four months.

As I mentioned in my first post, we were active in school athletics and didn't like feeling stuffed up, and we really didn't get all that many enemas.