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Wedgie camp story

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Wedgie Camp Story

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It war my first year as a camp counselor and we were taking a bus trip to a water park. I had enough of Jake misbehaving and pinned him up against the window, reached into his pants and yanked his underwear as high as it would go.

Tip: Highlight text to annotate it X. Camp bus wedgie story I finally was no longer a camper and now a counselor at my camp. We were on the bus when one of the kid Jake who was not one of my camper, was being a real pain in the butt to everyone He kept trying to give other kids wedgies and pull their pants off, including the girls.

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And finished up in back by ripping his underwear completely off him Jake begged us to stop. It was relatively harmless stuff, so the counselors let it go for a while. Publish any text You can anything that interests you.

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I warned Jake again to knock it off. Permalink Edit Editors Share Share this annotation:.

T warmed Jake that anymore problems would result in severe punishment, and I grabbed the waistband of his underwear and tugged briefly to give him a cule It was quiet about 15 minutest and there was lots of laughing and screaming from the back of the bus I went back found out that Jake had been mooning passing car through the window of his scat!

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Camp Bus Wedgie Story. The other counselors had enough of Jake also and ed in. Photos Media Bookmark.

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We finally let him down with his ripped underwear and he ran to his seat crying, and obviously very embarrassed. There were no more mooning episodes the rest of the summer.