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Zane erotic stories

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Zane Erotic Stories

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From a bold and captivating voice comes a collection of stories that probes women's darkest passions and pushes the boundaries of erotic fiction. Sometimes romantic, sometimes raw, Zane appeals to men and women alike with Zane erotic stories tales of intoxicating sensuality. With a unique ability to tell it like it is -- and also to tell it like it could be in your wildest dreams -- Zane crafts stories about everyone from the sensual housewife who wants her husband to experiment more to a secret underground sorority of women that organizes some rather unconventional social events. By turns tender and outrageous, The Sex Chronicles is a pleasure from beginning to end. Handpicked by Zane, Z-Rated features some of the most creative, most talented writers in erotica, including stories from favorites like Cairo, Allison Hobbs, and a story by Zane herself. Featured are twenty-seven scintillating tales that will take your mind away from the day to day and straight into the erogenous zone—your perfect escape.

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Another son was born inwhen she was As a single mom, Roberts supported herself by working mostly in sales, selling medical and cleaning supplies, life insurance, and paper. If it had been even ten minutes later, it probably would have been something else.

Sipping a chocolate martini, Zane took in praise from a throng dominated by the type of high-wattage women whose secret lives her books so often chronicle. Even after unmasking herself to family, though, Zane remained incognito in public.

It also remains a reliable representation of her technique. When contacted by phone, he says she eventually paid him everything he was owed. Her mother taught elementary school. How did this hyper-productive woman, one of the most successful African-American female entrepreneurs of her generation, wind up atop such an ignominious list? She has landed more than a dozen books on the New York Times bestseller list.

In —eight books into her career—she finally began to show her face, promoting her work on a splashy Zane Love Bus Tour in a foot-long RV. The author nonetheless continued working to maintain the distinction between Kristina and Zane, keeping her given name to herself.

She favors stretchy Lycra cardigans and comfy leggings and lives in a 6,square-foot gated house in Upper Marlboro with ten bathrooms that Zane, among all her other pursuits, claims to clean herself. Her transformation from DIY phenomenon to marquee author offers an illustrative case in point. The first time was in —between seasons of her popular Cinemax show. That same year, there were troubles in her private life. Zane started a website, EroticaNoir.

Zane, the queen of erotica, has a secret.

The case was dismissed. Zane carries this messaging into her correspondence with real-life admirers of her work. The response was tremendous: Zane estimates she sold more than a thousand copies of the collection. She was often off reading my books, and I knew she was very independent and very bright early in her life. She put up two more stories and garnered 8, views in three weeks—an encouraging tally in those early days of the web. Roberts filed for divorce from Wayne Stewart, her husband of two years and the father of her younger son.

And they were willing to pay for it. Before long, fans were badgering her to produce a book. Instead, her image had taken a beating in the months before its release.

In Washington, an after-party drew business leaders, media personalities, philanthropic donors, and an aide to DC mayor Muriel Bowser. In an effort to separate herself from the material, she opted for a pen name that she says she donned impulsively while hanging out online one night.

We meet one day at the cafe in the Lanham Wegmans, not a spot likely to be favored by the insecure and status-anxious. Amazingly, neither of her parents says this renegade career move came as much of a surprise. Plus, publishing is a fickle business, especially these days.

Things get even more appetizing from there. Whether it was the suburban mom or the dirty writer calling the shots, Zane was making some remarkably shrewd business choices that let her write the rules of her own success.

Another was adapted as a play. By all external appearances, the Zane I got to know was the same frank, artifice-free woman she plays on Facebook, with a social circle full of successful, straight-talking women and a work life firmly under her control. Zane originated in in the early days of the internet. Last year, one of her novels was turned into a major motion picture.

Money and pussy; in that order.

She has discussed the burgeoning commercial operation Public Zane with numerous reporters, including me. By her reckoning, she soldcopies—performing as well as the entire original run of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy.

Gettin' buck wild: sex chronicles ii

Her father, James Deotis Roberts, was an influential theologian and author of more than ten books, including the groundbreaking Liberation and Reconciliation: A Black Theology. Recently, though, a string of unlikely events has pulled back the curtain on Private Zane in ways that actually are surprising. She had a son at age 20 and a daughter seven years later. Her female protagonists are predominantly squeaky-clean and middle-class, med students and bank tellers and supervisors.

And yet, as predicted, Kristina Roberts shuts down when I bring up her financial troubles.

She turned to writing full-time—and finally came clean to family and friends. During the meeting, Zane also reviews the of theaters where her movie will soon open. Roberts spent a year at Spelman College in Atlanta, then moved back to major in chemical engineering at Howard. Zoe eventually gives in to her frustrations by engaging in one, then two then, parenthetically, three simultaneous extramarital affairs.

Sex chronicles

It may not surprise you to learn that, late last year, she came out with a line of Zane-branded sex toys. At one of many low points on her picaresque path to ruin which includes the out-of-nowhere murder of her BFFZoe attempts to end it all by stepping in front of a moving vehicle. That was it. Days before the Addicted premiere, the paper reported that she had filed for federal bankruptcy protection.

She has hatched plans for a bookstore and a lingerie line and has discussed an idea for a restaurant chain she would call Zane on Main. The movie version of Addictedreleased by an arm of Lionsgate, opened in theaters nationwide last October.

They regularly go on top, remorselessly discard subpar lovers, and get sex when they want it—the key, their creator suggests, to happiness and fulfillment on a larger scale. After the success of her self-published books, the New York houses flocked to Zane again.

As always, Kristina Roberts controls her own narrative. The author known as Zane has published 39 books.

And the bad news continued. As a kid, Kristina liked to write—and to keep her pastime private. She has invented characters like Soror Ride Dick and described them as they partake in weekend-long mega-orgies, have sex at mattress stores, and lick unlikely foodstuffs off unnameable body parts. But they also know how, in Zane parlance, to get their freak on. And—perhaps unlike her literature—the paper trail offers a telling glimpse at the extraordinary woman behind the literary phenomenon.

In all, more than 5 million of her books are in print.

Or she might, except for an ugly piece of bankruptcy litigation that is quietly unfolding in federal court in Maryland. On her FacebookZane responds to requests for advice, about a dozen a day, a sort of real-time Dear Prudence.

The second case is still pending. Tormented by her infidelity, she eventually tries to break up with her two main lovers, who respond by stalking her, Fatal Attraction -ing the family dog, repeatedly trying to murder her, and so on.

The venture flopped rather spectacularly and helped bring on her current troubles. Zane herself has noted that African-American authors have a harder time getting media attention. As late asshe says, the only people who knew her secret were her two sisters and their husbands.

With her self-published works regularly ranking on the Essence bestseller list, she was doing so well that she was able to quit her job selling paper. They walk up, take their pants down, make a deposit, flush it, and then walk away. But it has also branched out beyond the bedroom.

I soon found that the story Zane wanted to tell was about how she has used her sizable platform to help women. When publishers initially got wind of a writer calling herself Zane who was a sensation in chatrooms, they vied for a piece of the action, she says. She was working part-time as his research assistant. Success, though, made concealing her alter ego trickier.

She never graduated. Soror Ride Dick may be fearless and insatiable, but Zane herself is baby-faced and appealingly pear-shaped, with a soft voice, a nervous laugh, and a guarded air.